Common App Schools That Don’t Require A Supplement

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You are amazing! I have had some really exciting updates since posting this resource. Please look at the comments, as many students have provided MORE schools that do not require a supplemental essay. I won’t add them to the list, since I get new updates weekly, but please don’t think this is exhaustive… there are thousands of universities in the US!
Common Application Schools that DON’T Require a Supplemental Essay

You’ve heard all about the convenience of using the Common Application (CA). You’re ready to maximize your efficiency and wow admissions officers nationwide with one perfectly crafted application. It is brilliant because you didn’t have ten other application forms and essays dividing your attention. You poured all your creative juices into one dazzling personal statement. Thanks to the CA, every school gets to see the best you, not some half-baked, sleep-deprived, last minute, un-proofread you.

Not so fast. The Common Application is not quite the magic bullet you may think it is. Once you complete the universal application, you still have to round up the individual information for each school you want to apply to, and complete any supplemental forms or essays they require. And make no mistake, a majority of CA schools demand supplements. It’s 378 out of 488 schools, or 77.459 percent, to be exact.

Now you’re thinking, Okay, but what about the 110 colleges and universities that don’t require me to do any extra work? An excellent question–as long as you’re not just looking for an easy out. If your dream school wants you to write three more essays on each of the three historical figures you would invite to dinner, do it. The next four years of your education and the entire future trajectory of your life are well worth it. However, if you can send your Common Application to a few more schools that aren’t asking for squat, do that too. While college is a huge deal, and you will apply to schools based on your goals, it may be that these schools fit your perfectly. It’s all about upping the odds, right?

The good news is there are some top-notch schools that will accept you based on the Common Application, and Common Application alone. Maybe you didn’t even consider applying to the University of San Francisco, or the American University of Paris, but you’ll give it a shot now that you know you can print off another copy of the CA, put a stamp on it, and be done. (note: That was mostly for imagery. It sounds better to stamp an application, even though we just submit it online.)

The really super good news is I’ve compiled a list of all the Common Application schools that do NOT require a supplemental essay. Use it to pick a few more safety schools, broaden your collegial horizons, and strategize your way through the college application maze.

Go wild! But be sure you still read the application requirements for each individual school thoroughly. They may not need a supplemental essay, but there could be other school specific forms you need to fill out, especially if you’re interested in athletics or the arts.

The Official 2013 List of Common Application Schools that DON’T Require a Supplemental Essay:

  1. Albright College
  2. Augsburg College
  3. Augustana College (IL)
  4. Augustana College (SD)
  5. Berry College
  6. Birmingham-Southern College
  7. Blackburn College
  8. Bradley University
  9. California Lutheran University
  10. Canisius College
  11. Carroll College (Montana)
  12. Cazenovia College
  13. Cedar Crest College
  14. Centenary College of Louisiana
  15. Chatham University
  16. Coe College
  17. Colby-Sawyer College
  18. College of Mount Saint Vincent
  19. College of St. Joseph
  20. College of the Holy Cross
  21. Concordia University – Portland, OR
  22. Converse College
  23. Daemen College
  24. Dillard University
  25. Elmira College
  26. Emmanuel College (Massachusetts)
  27. Emory & Henry College
  28. Fisk University
  29. Flagler College
  30. Florida Southern College
  31. Fontbonne University
  32. Franklin Pierce University
  33. Hamline University (MN)
  34. Hampden-Sydney College
  35. Hanover College
  36. Hollins University
  37. Hood College
  38. Hult International Business School
  39. Illinois College
  40. Keele University
  41. Keuka College
  42. King’s College
  43. La Salle University
  44. Lawrence Technological University
  45. Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
  46. Loyola University New Orleans
  47. Lycoming College
  48. Manchester University
  49. Marietta College
  50. McDaniel College
  51. Menlo College
  52. Mercer University
  53. Meredith College
  54. Millsaps College
  55. Molloy College
  56. Morehouse College
  57. New England College
  58. Newbury College
  59. Northland College
  60. Notre Dame de Namur University
  61. Notre Dame of Maryland University
  62. Oglethorpe University
  63. Ohio Wesleyan University
  64. Randolph College
  65. Randolph-Macon College
  66. Regis University (Colorado)
  67. Ripon College
  68. Rosemont College
  69. Saint Leo University
  70. Saint Martin’s University
  71. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  72. Saint Peter’s University
  73. Saint Vincent College
  74. Simpson College
  75. Southwestern University
  76. Spring Hill College
  77. St. Catherine University
  78. St. Joseph’s College – Brooklyn Campus
  79. St. Joseph’s College – Long Island Campus
  80. St. Norbert College
  81. Stephens College
  82. Stevens Institute of Technology
  83. Tennessee Wesleyan College
  84. The American University of Paris
  85. The Catholic University of America
  86. The College of Idaho
  87. Trinity College (Connecticut)
  88. Trinity University (San Antonio)
  89. University of Dayton
  90. University of Denver
  91. University of Findlay
  92. University of Great Falls
  93. University of La Verne
  94. University of Maine at Machias
  95. University of Portland
  96. University of San Francisco
  97. University of Tampa
  98. University of Tulsa
  99. Virginia Intermont College
  100. Wartburg College
  101. Washington & Jefferson College
  102. Washington College (Maryland)
  103. Wells College
  104. Westminster College (Pennsylvania)
  105. Westminster College (Utah)
  106. William Jewell College
  107. Wilson College
  108. Woodbury University
  109. Xavier University of Louisiana
  110. *Edit* Washington University in St. Louis
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  • Me

    washington university in st. louis doesn’t have a supplement either.

  • craiggonzales

    Awesome!! Thanks for the update. You rule.

  • Rachel

    University of Vermont doesn’t, Fordham doesn’t, Pace doesn’t, The College of New Jersey, the College of William and Mary (they have one, but not required).

  • Nikki

    The University of Miami does not require one either.

  • Ellie

    Drake University also doesn’t require one

  • Nas

    Rochester Institute of technology and Worcester Politechnic also dont have a writing supplement.

  • craiggonzales

    Oh Nas! You rule. Thanks for this update.

  • craiggonzales

    Ellie! You are a winner. Thanks so much for the update. Good luck on your app.

  • craiggonzales

    Rachel, you are such a winner. Thanks so much for this.

  • craiggonzales

    Hey Nikki You rule. Thanks. Good luck on your apps.

  • China♥

    Spelman Does Now Require A Supplement.
    I Looked At This List & Put It On My College List For That Reason.
    2 Days Later, A Supplement Was Required.
    But Temple & Northeastern Don’t Have A Supplement.

  • basicallyfun

    Columbia College Chicago and the University of Birmingham in England don’t require a supplement

  • Bobbie

    Case Western Reserve doesn’t have one either!

  • EM

    drexel and temple don’t require one either

  • Alexa42

    Willamette University…

  • craiggonzales

    Nice! Thanks Alexa.

  • craiggonzales

    Hey China<3… thanks for that update, i'll take it off the list. Thanks so much!

  • km


  • Isabelle

    depaul university

  • phoebe


  • Biamah

    Grinnell and Allegheny as well

  • arnold ziffel

    College of the Holy Cross now requires two supplemental essays.

  • arnold ziffel

    Fairfield University and Skidmore College no longer require supplemental essays.

  • arnold ziffel

    University of Vermont does not require a supplemental essay.

  • arnold ziffel

    Muhlenberg does not require a supplemental essay.

  • College Applicant

    Bard college doesn’t have a supplement!

  • College Applicant

    also very surprisingly Cornell doesn’t either

  • Miller

    Skidmore college doesn’t have a writing supplement either

  • alex

    cornell does have a have to pick your college choice first in the questions section first then it appears.

  • Daniel

    Cornell University does have a writing supplement, which is why I couldn’t finish my application on time. Does anybody know if they might have extended the deadline? I remember reading something about that, but I can’t find it again.

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