SAT Math: Median and Mode

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Today we get to work through a fairly straightforward knowledge lesson. As you know, the SAT loves testing tricky average questions. When I briefly mentioned in the previous video, and what I take much more care to work through today, is that the SAT also likes to throw in some median and mode questions, just to spice things up.

The median and mode questions on the SAT are NOT fancy, tricky, or tough. Instead, like patterns, they just require you to follow directions. So, in todays very short lesson, all you have to do is recognize what to do and how to do it, and you will be awesome:

The SAT Focus Method

In each of these video lessons I like to give a little “strategy aside” to encourage you to watch and read. In this, I want to talk briefly about focus.

Focus on the SAT is not just about pacing. It’s about mental awareness. You want to take this test with a focus on your ultimate goal. Your goal is to get into a university. Fact. That is the only reason you are taking this test. Your score only matters in that it will help you get into a good school

So, focus on the goal and the rest will seem like cake. If I want to be a super famous computer programmer, I’ll probably need to learn computer programming. But CS101 won’t teach me to write Google. So when I take CS101, I don’t think about the poker program I am writing. Instead, I see the bigger picture. This is one piece in a bigger puzzle. Understanding WHY we are working hard helps to focus on the mind-numbing day-to-day.

You can do it. I know you can.

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