The only university admission guide you will EVER need

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You will get into a good university.

You will succeed in life.

Undergraduate admission and the university admission process is a very scary, serious, and worrisome endeavor for many students and parents. If you are worried about getting into a good university, so is everyone else your age.

But like everything in life, the university admission process can be made easier with preparation, guidelines, tutoring and direction. That is where I come in.

I have put together the only university admission guide that you will ever need. Many companies you know charge thousands of dollars for this information. Seriously, there are companies in the United States, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Korea that will charge you months of your salary for information relating to your admission process. Because your success, or your child’s success, is so important, no cost is too high. Right?


There is no reason to charge you so much money for this information. You should NEVER be forced to pay for information that you need. You are have very real desires and very real fears, and hundreds of companies and individuals prey on your vulnerability, desperation and weakness.

But why?!

I respect you and I respect your goals

This guide is perfect for parents, students and counselors. There are hundreds of questions you have about the university admission process, such as where am I going to go to school, how am I going to pass the SAT, what should I write about in my essay, and there are as many various answers for your various questions. I know, it’s stressful, foreign and new. That is why I put this guide together.

My University Admission workbook is for anyone with any questions about the university admission process.

My Information Philosophy

It is my philosophy to produce products and services for information you want, but to GIVE AWAY for FREE information you need. You need the information in this workbook because you want to go to a great university.

Together, we will build a roadmap for your success!

In my university admission guidebook you will not only read and learn, but you will also think and do!

University Admission Process – You Will Receive:

A set of target of undergraduate programs that help YOU specifically achieve your goals

I know you have a “Dream” school. But there are probably hundreds of university programs you have never heard of that would help you achieve your dream. We are going to assess your personal, professional and academic goals and then identify schools that match those goals.

Mastering the SAT and Test Preparation

A thorough understanding of the SAT, your target SAT score and the amount of work you have to put in to achieve your dream SAT score.

Not only should you know what the SAT is (heck, go to and you can learn), but you will know what YOUR target SAT score is and your CURRENT SAT score is. With this knowledge, we set up a plan for systematic SAT improvement and I even give you an incredibly valuable SAT technique that should increase your score with minimal effort.!

How to increase your GPA

So many people tell you “increase your gpa, study hard, get a good score”. Sure, that’s important. But that’s not enough. It’s like giving an overweight person the advice, “eat less, exercise more.” No kidding!! The university admission process is not that simple.

I will give you a step-by-step method for assessing your current grades and a system for improving your GPA through study guides, outside tutorials and other creative means to achieving your goal. All universities require good grades (IB or GPA), but not all students have a smart approach to getting good grades. Together, we will set up a process of excellent grades!

The secret formula behind getting a great recommendation

You think all recommendations are created equal? You think having your dad’s boss or a famous person write your recommendation is the way to go? THINK AGAIN! You will learn how admission officers think AND have a template for asking the right person at the right time.

Your personal statement outline

What others charge thousands of dollars to do, you’ll be given the secret formula. I may get in trouble for doing this, but I like to set the bar higher. You can pay me (or anyone else) to edit your essay. But you should never pay a satang to have your essay drafted, organized, and effective. Let’s close the gap between the have’s and the have-not’s right now! You will know exactly what to say in your personal statement to be as effective and persuasive as possible.

Why am I giving this information away for free?

Because this is information you need and it is wrong to charge people for things they NEED. I can, and will, charge you all day long for things and information you want. But if you NEED it, I will happily, readily and eagerly give you want you need. In fact, by giving you the tools to your university admission process, I am proving to you that I am an expert at undergraduate admission, SAT and academic tutoring. So when you DO need help with those things, you will readily, eagerly and without hesitation come to me. And together we will succeed.

If you cannot afford what I have to sell, that does not mean you should not get this information. I don’t play that game, and neither should you.


There is one way to get access to this university admission information. I request that you give me permission to contact you via e-mail with pertinent products and services, as they become available. To continue, please download the documents below.

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To be honest, this information IS worth something, so it would be foolish to give it away for free. But it should NOT cost you any money.

I believe this is an amazing workbook. The path to a great undergraduate program begins today. With this university admission guide in your arsenal, no one will be able to stop you. The knowledge and preparation you have now will last a lifetime.

You will get this awesome university admission guide as soon as you give me your email address.


“It’s been my pleasure to have such a caring, experienced and understanding consultant. The way Craig teaches and gives feedback is very effective methods. ”
- Teepiyanut (Seal) [Undergraduate admissions – University of Michigan] “Craig turned my life experience into an attractive and a compelling essay. I was never able to put my ideas onto paper in a way that will impress an admissions committee. I think without Craig, I would never have been admitted to Booth.”
- Julie [MBA admissions – Booth School at University of Chicago]


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Trust me, I know how happy this guide makes you.

Isn’t it refreshing there is someone ready and willing to help you succeed?


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